Friday at 21 PM UTC/GMT +1

                          THE TIME OF TRANCE 

                                  CARLOS C

Castellano-Manchego in love with a style like the Trance heard for the first time back in 2002 by Dj Tiesto in Dutch Dimension with about 14 years.

If we go back to the beginning and the beginning of my passion for electronic music I have to say that I was instilled by my 3 older brothers. At home we had a music chain with two cassette deck and a turntable on the top. They were lucky enough to know and be part of the family of the cod route and to walk all weekends the Levantine coast. Every weekends I brought home cassettes and vinyls of discos that were famous at the time like Barraca, Spook, Chocolate, Puzzle, ACTV ... etc. I could spend hours and hours listening to those "so rare" sounds that I loved, Chimo productions Bayo, compilations such as La Maquina Del Tiempo, Max Mix, Jean-Michel Jarre, there were cassettes and vinyls to bore ... (we still have them) there would be about 9 or 10 years.

Later the internet boom began and you could have access to a tremendous "musical world" where you could listen to sessions that went up to different forums mixed just the previous weekend of discotheques more updated at that time like Limite, KKO, Radical, Scorpia ... there if I can say that I could meet them personally and I was very fan of that Dance / Hard Dance / Progressive / Hard Trance ... until as I said, the 14 years and that complete video of Dj Tiesto that left me completely crazy . From then on I came into my life a world I did not know completely, Dj Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Johan Gielen, Corsten Ferry, Chicane, Above & Beyond, festivals like Street Parade and Trance Energy ... these people caught me to not let go, they were A few rhythms, some melodies, something that made me goose bumps when I heard them, specifically there was a style like Trance I stole the heart.

Since then I have been very fan of some Dj and also evolve my own taste and musical style. Later, with about 20 years and I was bitten the worm of what was the mix and other and with two record players and little more mixed at home. I was advancing on tastes and mixing devices but never leaving something like was the vinyl that marked my life from very small. Currently I continue to mix in vinyl with all the collection I have since I caught this world and thanks to the technology I can continue to use the dishes, although the record industry does not draw anything in that format, DVS. A study in conditions, also with the head in the world of production and collaborating for some radio is how Carlos C is at this time.